Demineralization plant

Order a demineralization plant to clean your chemical solutions

demineralization plant

Filter system dedicated to water treatment with ion exchanger cartridges

The EBO water filtration system is used to treat water with ion exchanger cartridges and other granular filtering agents for your technical applications.

In non-treated water, undesirable substances in the form of ionogenic dissolved salts or suspended material may appear. Thanks to the appropriate agent, those materials can be eliminated from water or their composition may be altered to allow the water to be usable for the desired technical application.

The EBO water filtration system enables to treat the aqueous solutions even during their circulation. The filtering agents are bypassed in the filter housing according to each filtering objective and the fluid flowing through is treated.

The use of this process concerns for instance the complete demineralization of water with mixed-bed ion-exchanger resins, water softening with ion-exchangers, nitre and other salts elimination from the water or filtering of water with activated carbon.

By its robust design in stainless steel, the EBO ion exchanger cartridges even withstands extreme conditions such as high temperatures or aggressive ambient air.

Stainless-steel bottles with ion-exchanger resins

Stainless-steel bottles with ion-exchanger resins are perfectly adapted to a wide variety of applications.

The material of the container is in stainless-steel 1.4571 (AISI 316 Ti).

Ion exchanger cartridges can work at a temperature of 80°C and an admissible pressure of 10 bars.

The stainless steel of the ion exchanger cartridges 1,4571 is characterized by an excellent resistance to corrosion and by a wide variety of acids and bases, which makes it a filter system with a high degree of mobility.

di water cartridge

The functional parts are made of stainless steel of high quality. The ion exchanger cartridge is in stainless steel which withstands to pressures, all the rubber elements are in elastomer resistant again ageing. The materials used are in compliance with the usage technical rules.




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