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We offer you installations for the treatment of your medical devices in accordance with the requirements of ISO 13485 and 21 CFR part 820 of the FDA

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What we're offering you

Our teams help you in defyining your needs according to your applications, combined with our range of qualifying chemicals or your existing range. We accompany you in the design and writing of the specifications to address all the constraints referring to your request.

Our range of chemical products and our installations can be qualified in compliance with ISO 13485 standards according to the process IQ = installation qualification OQ = operational qualification PQ = performance qualification

Our chemistry combined with our installations, allows an optimum control of the processes of electrolytic polishing of stainless steel, titanium pickling, titanium and stainless steel passivation and titanium anodizing in the medical sector.


Stainless steel electropolishing and passivating in the medical sector

Austenitic and martensitic stainless steel electropolishing following ASTM B912 standards

The electropolishing is frequently used in the medical sector to improve the surface condition and the roughness of the material. This process by electrolysis enables an optimal decontamination of your productions and is governed by ASTM B912 standards.

Austenitic and martensitic stainless-steel passivating following ASTM A967 standards

The passivating process allows to recreate the passive film when the surface of the material has been impacted by a mechanic or thermic action. This process is governed by ASTM A967 standards.

anodizing of titanium
titanium anodizing colors voltage

Titanium pickling and anodizing in the medical sector

Stainless steel pickling according to ASTM A380 standards and titanium pickling according to ASTM B600 standards

The pickling process helps to bleach the surfaces of your stainless steel and titanium productions, to remove the calamine created during the welding steps and to restore the surface corrosion when it has suffered from oxidation. This process is governed by ASTM A 380 standards for stainless steel and by ASTM B600 for titanium.

Titanium anodizing

Titanium anodizing in the medical sector recreates a homogeneous oxide film in the range of 200 to 3000 Angstroms with large colour shades.

This process associated with our range of pickling solutions and electrolytes AUOUS ANOD TI and AUPUS DEC TI gives you an optimum result.

Titanium passivating in the medical sector

Titanium passivating according to ASTM F86 standards

The passivating process recreates the titanium oxide film when the surface of the material has been impacted by a mechanic or thermic action. This process is governed by ASTM F86 standards.

  • Our installations meet HSE latest applicable standards
  • We guarantee you a traceability of the production range with computer or documentary recording
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